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Stop pushing your children to score higher marks in Xth and XIIth

It is today a trend followed by all parents to push their children to score higher marks . As a result they are put into Coaching Classes which keep pushing the children beyond their capacity.    Read More

Working for WestSide, want to leave the Job and take up MBA for Growth !

This is a peculiar case of Tulip Saxena, who approached us for clarity on which MBA she should pursue, as all her friends were giving management entrance exam and she was told that to grow in ...    Read More

Why We Should Stop Running after Marks

Ask people what’s wrong in American higher education, and you’ll hear about grade inflation. At Harvard a few years ago, a professor complained that the most common grade was an A-. He was quickly corrected:    Read More

My child scored 96% in last test, but is under pressure to sore 97%

We were approached with the above problem, by a the parents of a child in Std Xth who had just taken the CAP test. Both the parents were doctors and wanted to be open minded about giving their child no pressure,    Read More

I want to BE an Engineer AT ANY COST!

Vedanta had approached us 2 yrs back when she cleared her BA and was thinking on joining an MBA program. We advised her to take the CAP test so that I can get a clarity on her profile and also an insight into the various Careers she was suitable for.    Read More

The truth about Aptitude Tests!

Most schools and education counselors in India insist on taking an Aptitude test in order to guide the students on different education streams. What is surprising to learn is that this is an outdated process which has been dumped by the US    Read More

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