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Stop pushing your children to score higher marks in Xth and XIIth

It is today a trend followed by all parents to push their children to score higher marks . As a result they are put into Coaching Classes which keep pushing the children beyond their capacity.

We need to understand that every person has a limit when it comes to their potential in certain areas.

Just because some student is good at maths does not your child also has to be be good at maths.

Will you push your child to lift 100kg weight just because your friends son can do it? The answer is a clear No. But yet why do we not apply the same standards in Maths and Science. Our child may be good at Geography or History but we will push him for coaching to get higher marks in Maths and Science. This is a Social Flaw which values only people good in Maths and Science as intelligent. The coaching class industry has been feeding this insecurity to make parents invest big amounts for higher marks.

Let us understand even if we do push our child to score 100/100 what purpose will it serve. Infact the more we push our children to fit into the mould created by Education Business, the more the child loses uniqueness and strength in areas which they would be truly good in.

Today in 2018 there are thousands of Careers which provide equally good growth and success opportunities, the only requirement is the child should have a passion for that Career.

Do check out what are the true unique areas of your child , and which are the Careers that would suit her/him just the way the naturally are , so that they can focus on developing those unique skills which can help them in Career Growth and thus lead a successful and fulfilling Life.

-Sanjaye Savant is a Career Psychologist who specialises in Research in the field of Career Mapping

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