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What is CAP Test ?
CAP is a Career Profiling test designed to help individuals in identifying their Unique Career Oriented traits that will help them identify those Careers which suit them naturally because of the way they are as a person.

How can CAP do this ?
Career is basically a job that you do for which you get paid. Every Career has unique demands from the person performing that job. The more a person is suited to excel in the job demands , more are his chances of excelling in that job and performing better than other average people who are not cut out for that job. CAP helps in matching your Unique Worker Traits with those that the job demands and provides you with Clarity on how you would be better in the chosen Career.

What is the Credibility of CAP ?
CAP Test is a result of exhaustive research in the field of Assessment Technology since the year 1938 by US Education and Employment Research, Department of Labor ,Government of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . The credibility of this technology is as sound and strong as the other similar technologies designed by US Research viz: IQ Test, SAT Test, GRE Test, GMAT test etc. which have been uniquely designed and used Globally to identify and capture specific functional Trait Clarity of Individuals for distinctive applications.

What is the Accuracy of CAP ?
CAP is 100% accurate reflection of the individuals Worker and Vocational Traits. Since the inputs to the Test are provided by the individual taking the test , it will reflect the exact subconscious make up of the individual if he is 100% honest in giving his inputs. Just as a mirror will reflect what you are accurately. It has stood this test of accuracy across various test subjects at different conditions of geography and time.

What is the technology behind CAP?
CAP has been designed on the cumulative substrate of various individual researches in the field of identification of Worker Code Traits, Personality traits and Vocational traits by Psychologists across various US Universities . The synopsis of this research is that all careers can be broken into individual fields of their respective trait demands for success and each individual can be measured to the level of compatibility with the desired attributes to be successful in that Career.

Can anybody offer the CAP Test ?
CAP Test is a patented technology and can only be offered by those who are authorised for the interpretation and analysis of the CAP Report by the parent body . Any person or organisation doing so without a formal permission are liable for criminal prosecution under the International Patent Act.

How many people have been benefitted by this technology ?
This technology has been in use across most developed countries in US, Europe, Australia over the last 3 decades and has benefitted millions in their Career Clarity and Planning

Should I get the feedback from other people who have benefitted from CAP ?
Although you can read the testimonials provided by many people , on how they benefitted by CAP. It is advisable to treat CAP as a personal exploration tool and any amount of inputs from others will not benefit you since you are a unique individual and your journey on Career exploration can only be experienced and enhanced by you alone

Do I need to do any preparation to take the CAP Test ?
CAP needs to be taken without any preparation , infact the more open and honest you are to your own subconscious self the more it will benefit you in creating a strong Career Path.

Do I need Counselling after taking CAP ?
CA Report is self explanatory , provided in simple English which can be easily understood. Counselling is however optional , to help you with identifying your Career Goals and creating a Career Plan

What happens if I get Careers which I do not want ?
This scenario will never happen since CAP will only reflect your input choices, hence unless you do not provide honest inputs , you will never get such Careers. It can also help you identify whether a certain career you want choose can suit you and if not what are the characteristics you need to change in you in order to succeed in that Career.

Which age group should take CAP?
Any person in the age group of 16 to 65 can benefit from CAP Test. Analysis of people who have taken CAP shows a big chunk of people who are planning to choose a new Career or make a Career shift are the one who benefit the most.

Do I need to take CAP many times ?
No. CAP is a once in a lifetime test, which can help you plan your Career journey in life. Although people who undergo a strong internal transformation into becoming a new personality can use CAP to recheck their new motivations and priorities.

Should I take CAP before choosing an Education path ?
It is strongly recommended that you take CAP before choosing any education path as it will help you save your time, efforts and money by providing you a complete Career Clarity and prevent you from choosing a wrong education path which may have no relation with your Career and may set you back by years even leading to several financial, psychological ,social and emotional issues.

Can CAP guarantee me a Career Success ?
If you are sincere and committed to the action plan as provided by CAP Counselling Process in identifying and pursuing your passion, you would not need any guarantees in life.