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Working for WestSide, want to leave the Job and take up MBA for Growth!

This is a peculiar case of Tulip Saxena, who approached us for clarity on which MBA she should pursue, as all her friends were giving management entrance exam and she was told that to grow in any company an MBA degree was the only way ( btw which is not true) .Although the fee of Rs14 lakh was quite steep, she had planned to take an education loan.

We explained to her that any carer decision requires two things, first a Clarity of your own self and second the Career opportunities that are available because of the way you are. Since the CAP test provided a comprehensive solution to both the aspects, she agreed to take the test.

Tulip was a typical bi-product of our education system , being a bright student with 85% in Xth she took Science, due to the Coachng class rat race she slipped to 70% in XIIth, since she could not get engineering she took up BSc BioChemistry. After completing BSc she started looking for jobs and after giving multiple interviews was selected in 'WestSide' for product sourcing. After 1yr at the job she realized that she was getting stressed and was not growing, this lead her to think about leaving the Job and doing a 2 yr MBA..

The CAP report threw up a lot of interesting factors about Tulip, among other strengths what stood out strong was that Tulip had a strong creative ability,which had been untapped for long. It also indicated that she did not have strong negotiations and people skills which were causing her stress in the current job, but it also meant she was not cut out for management jobs as she lacked team abilities, so in all probability the MBA would have been just a waste of time and money and had she taken that route , she would be back at the same cross roads but with a 14 lakh loan on her head and two invalidated years.

Among the several Careers that suited her was that of a Visual Merchandiser. She was excited to read about the job description as she started liking what she saw. Although she was in the same Industry she had never given a thought to this Career as she was not aware of it .When we gave her a Career path to be followed over next 3/5/10 yrs she could get a clarity about what 'Career Planning' is and how anybody can create their own future provided they have a desire to seek their goal.

She was asked to approach her HR dept.and seek a transfer to the Visual Merchandising Division by citing the report and its facts, she was told to accept a lower salary if required. As fate would have it, the HR was more than willing to transfer her to that division as they were searching trainees for that post for last 4 months and she infact ended up getting a salary raise as the post had a higher package. Today 3 months after taking CAP, Tulip has sent us her testimonial of how her life has changed for the better and how she is enjoying her job ,learning new skills in Visual Merchandising and can also see her Career growth path over next 10 yrs into International retail brands.

As we keep telling all the people who connect with us, "Life is a matter of Choice", but the choice has to be based on Clarity . If you look at all the success stories around you, the one common factor would be making the right choice and then following that path with committed efforts.

We at CAP, are doing our part in helping people get the right Clarity and direction to lead them on their path to Success !

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