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  • Sameer Muley
    BE Computers

    Regional Director
    Edelman International
    New Zealand

    Although I did my Diploma and then Degree in Engineering, I was not sure what direction to pursue, I was trying ISD at IIT Mumbai, but somehow it wasn’t working. That is when I came across CAP Counselling and life has change for the best.    >> Read More

    Both my parents are doctors , yet I was not sure what field in medical should I pursue, CAP was perfect in helping explore my potential through my Career by giving me the goal to be a Brain Surgeon

  • Vidyadhar Hamak

    Choreologist, Bollywood

    I was doing odd jobs and did not have any money or financial support for further education . CAP helped me get an insight into my passion for Dancing and turn my hobby into a full fledged career.

    I had 15 yrs of experience in the Hotel Industry but was not not progresing in my Career. CAP was able to pin point this unique quality in me which was strong for the Film Industry. Today I am an Editor with MTV thanks to CAP.

CAP Credentials

Why CAP has become mandatory in schools ?

In India we are focussed too much on marks and Education Degrees without any clarity if it will lead to a Sucessful Career.

CAP Test has been designed to identify your core potential the way you naturally are through the filters of Blue Collar,Personality,Mutiple Intelligence and Vocational Potential. You have to take the test online without any preparation and it involves rating 75 random situations from 0 to 10 based on you inner subconcious response.

Criteria for giving the test:

1. You must be alone and relaxed while taking the test ( no one prompting you to answer in a particular way

2. You must be honest to yourself and respond without thinking or analysing too much

You would get the CAP Report in your login account 24hrs after taking the test.

CAP Report will help you to:

1. Discover what you are designed to do in Life
This is what the CAP Test helps you to find. It pinpoints your subconscious motivations, personality traits and your corresponding talents. After you take the test, you are 90% of the way there, because most people don't have a clue what they are designed to do. Get a 360 degree view of yourself from an unbiased perspective purely from a Career compatibility mode to find the top Careers from a global base of over 20,000 careers that suit you just the way you are and which would ensure you a Career Success

2. Find your Passion
Follow the steps at the end of Counselling to identify and pin down your 'Passion Careers'

3. Create a Plan of Action Either on your own or With expert support from the CAP Counsellor create a feasible and achievable plan of action to reach your goals over the next 3/5/10 yrs with suitable 'Career Strategy' and benchmarks
CAP Test Effect: Before & After

Students speaking out about their experiences before and after the CAP Test

  • Linguist Interpretor

    Never in my dreams could I have thought of the beautiful career options that CAP provided. With limited information in India about true Career oppurtunities we get stuck in our own ignorance,   Read More

    Ashish Borkar:   25,   B.Com
    Database Manager

    Having worked in the Production field for 11yrs, I found myself getting physically strained by the job. CAP counselling helped me to identify my strong passions and focus on a Career that now suits my temperament.

    Manohar Khot:   33,   BE Production
    Environmental Complaince Executive

    After doing my BSc in microbiology I was not happy working in a Biotech production company. After taking CAP Counselling I got to know of this Career area I had never thought about, which I an happily pursuing.

    Netra Dalvi:   23,   BSc.
  • Architect

    Having given all engineering entrance exams from IIT to AIEEE, I was doubtful of pursuing Egineering. CAP Counselling was able to put in view my strong traits which suggested Architechture as a strong career for me. Today I am happily pursuing it from Manipal

    Arjun Hareendran:   18,   XIIth
    Fine Art Artist

    I was retiring as a teacher with over 38 yrs of experience, wondering what to do after retirement, I was happy to take CAP which gave me a new hope and goal to pursue over next 10 yrs.

    Smita Kulkarni:   58,   BEd
    Entrepreneur - Celebrity Management

    After doing my BSc in microbiology I was not happy working in a Biotech production company. After taking CAP Counselling I got to know of this Career area I had never thought about, which I an happily pursuing.

    Ratan Tripathi:   33,   BSc.
  • 911 Emergency Operator

    I am a Dentist and came to US after marriage but somehow could not fit into the Career demands. After having a baby I had given up hopes of my career, but thanx to CAP Counselling I am optimistic about myself and my future, balancing my family and Career.

    Prajakta Kunal :   28,   BDS
    Project Manager Software

    I had grown u the corporate ladder to become General Manager at Mukand Steel, after which I hit the glass ceiling and could not grow, taking CAP was the best thing as it opened up my vision to my potential and the multiple possibilities which I could follow.

    Sairam Naik:   46,   BE
    Accounting Specialist

    I was apprehensive to put my dads hard urned money into CA Coaching so I decided to take CAP which was the right move as I did not have the traits to be a successful CA, however I had all it takes to follow specialisation in Accounts,

    Poonam Shetty:   22,   BCom.